Libraries Facilitating

The University of Notre Dame has been awarded a one-year Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) planning grant to assess the need for library-based machine learning and natural language processing tools to facilitate automated metadata creation and classification in support of cross-disciplinary discovery and research.

Project Outcomes

During 2019, the Hesburgh Libraries grant team will develop several in-person and online opportunities designed to stimulate national engagement and assess stakeholder demand for these proposed tools. The grant team intends to:

  • Facilitate conversation among scholars, computer scientists, and librarians to reconcile domain-specific, best approaches to support cross-disciplinary discovery
  • Determine how to provide a framework for librarians to engage in innovative approaches to supporting research
  • Ascertain the national need for library-based automated tools that support cross-disciplinary research
  • Identify and solidify partnerships for tool development in support of this need